Which Type of Escape Room Player are you?

Today we’re going to see which type of Escape Room Player you are. Why? Because it’s fun, and also once you know which type you are, you’ll be able to work to your strengths.

The Hunter

Do you hunt relentlessly for clues? This type of player will be looking on door frames and under carpets. You’ll be eager to find the clues and you may well be more successful than your mates because you’re so determined. Your cunning nature and relentless eye for detail is just what’s needed at an Escape Room Game.

The Addicted Escape Game Obsessive

You have been to almost every Escape Room in the country and you are indeed an expert, lover and connoisseur of the Escape Game phenomena. You might even go a few times in the same month to satiate your need to play. You will be very popular with your fellow players for no one will know the game better than you.

The Leader and Peacemaker

This person will always be making sure everyone is on task and getting on with each other and the game. They can rid a room of animosity with a few carefully chosen words keeping everyone on task. They’re not a lover of conflict so they will always want to try and calm people down. It would be a good idea to always invite them to a game.

The Nerdy one

There are those that like to pick at the locks and find combinations and numbers so they can escape quickly. Their focus is to pick away at locks and their style is admirable if a little confusing to watch. They may be trying to solve problems that aren’t even there. If this is the case, then they may need to be told they’re helping and given another clue to solve instead – keep them busy!

The Ditzy one

This person is a little all over the place to be honest, unable to stick to one particular puzzle, they’ll go from one to the other and never really solve any of them. They want to know every part of the game and the room, which is very exciting for them and endearing for us, but this could cost everyone the game. They need to focus and be given a task that keeps their attention in one place.

Escape Newcastle – which type of player are you then?

Are you any of the above? Why not visit Escape Newcastle and find out for yourself by booking a room either online or over the phone and we’ll see you here.