What Type of Event is an Escape Room Good For?

Escape Rooms are great for all kinds of different events and that’s what you’re about to find out. You may be under the impression that Escape Room Games are for certain types of people, and that it’s definitely not for you, well read on and find out why you should be heading towards our Escape Room hideout in Newcastle.

Date nights

Yes, I know, who on earth would choose to be locked in a room with a group of people for an hour frantically looking for the key to get out? Well, your date night doesn’t have to include anyone else other than your date. We take a minimum of two people, and you may find it’s the perfect way of getting to know someone other than in the back row of the cinema, or awkwardly mulching your food staring at each other and making inane comments for an hour. Yes, date night could be this exciting.

Celebrations – how about celebrating a birthday in the best way possible?

One that doesn’t involve just sitting in the pub or going to yet another nightclub. Locked in a room with your friends, searching for clues in a themed room of your choice. You’ll be playing a game against the clock, and you can go to the pub once you’ve finished. You can then discuss how it was all down to you and without you, they would never have got out at all. You are their saviour – and it’s your birthday, they can thank you by buying you a drink.

You’ve done something truly amazing

You’ve passed your driving/flying test, or you’ve climbed a mountain you thought you’d never climb, or you’ve passed that exam you thought you’d never pass. What better way to mark a milestone in your life than with an Escape Room challenge?

You are just about done with the office desk

You’re a team leader, sick of the four walls of your office and you want out. You also want to see if you can identify some key skills in your office lot because you’ll be starting a new project soon and you only want the best for your team. It’s a great excuse to cherry pick the best people for your new exciting project and it’s also a perfect excuse to get out from under your own feet and jump around cheering, shouting and generally acting like a lunatic and you never have enough opportunities to do that.

Escape Newcastle – for eventful events in an Escape Room challenge you won’t forget

So, now you know the kind of events Escape Room Games are good for. No doubt you’ll be more than excited to take part yourself now that you’ve seen as you can see how much fun it is. Book your room online or over the phone. All rooms are themed, with ideas taken from popular culture. Whether you’re a Harry Potter aficionado or a Sherlock Holmes sleuth we can’t wait to see you.