What NOT To Do in an Escape Room

You probably have a fair idea of what you need to DO in an Escape Room, but are you aware of what NOT to do in one? For today, we’re going to quickly go over what you can’t do in our Escape Rooms, and that way, when you come down here, you will really enjoy your time here and not find you’ve wasted any of it. 

DON’T break anything using brute force during your time in the room

This isn’t necessary to solve the clues and puzzles, we didn’t design them that way. You don’t need to climb up anything or stand on anything either. The clues will be somewhere where you can find them, not secreted somewhere that you need to aggressively tear up the room to discover. 

DON’T take anything away with you as a souvenir, they’re not yours to take.

We have replacements but honestly, they do run out eventually, and we have to replace them ourselves. So, please don’t take anything because you’ll spoil the fun for the rest of the people who come to play. 

DON’T touch anything that has “Don’t touch” on it. It’s there for a reason

The item it’s attached to might be able to point the way to a clue, but if it has a sign on it saying “don’t touch” then it means exactly that.

DON’T turn up intoxicated

We’d really appreciate it if you didn’t turn up drunk as a lord because that will spoil things for you, us and anyone else playing. You might think it’s fun but it won’t be for anyone having to clear up after you if you’re sick, or if you break anything or even accidentally hurt someone. Steer clear of the alcohol until after the event. 

DON’T turn up late

If you’re meant to turn up at a certain time to play the game, then it’s a good idea for you to turn up about half an hour before you’re due to start. This is so we can explain a few things, such as health, safety and exits and where to put your things etc. This is better than either turning up on the hour you’re meant to start or turning up late, either of these ways will cut the time you have in the room, and that could be less than the allotted hour needed to find and solve all the clues. 

Escape Newcastle - for one of the best hours of your life

Now you know what you can and can’t do, you’ll hopefully be feeling all buoyed up about starting the game. We can’t wait to see you here and see how well you do, and if you don’t succeed the first time, you can always come here and try again, a lot of our visitors do. Just book online or over the phone