The Benefits of Brain Teasers and Puzzles

If you’re looking to have a long and healthy life and have a mind that supports your body, then there are firm benefits to brain teasers and puzzles, and that’s what we’re exploring today. If you think of game sand puzzles as an unnecessary use of your time that could be better utilized elsewhere we couldn’t disagree more, read on to find out why you should be devoting more time to testing your grey matter. 

If you test your mind regularly you’ll obviously know about all the benefits, and there are many reasons why people try brain puzzles in order to keep mentally active. A dexterous brain is what keeps you young and healthy, by keeping your mind in as much good shape as your body, you’re going to reap the rewards over time. 

Not only will you feel happier and possibly get your endorphins going you’ll also boost brain activity which can help increase your ability to remember things, increasing your memory power. You can also help stave off the risk of dementia.

And add to that the reduction of boredom, after all who wants to be bored? By filling in your time with testing puzzles and teasers, you’ll be spending less time staring at a screen. You’ll improve concentration, and that can only improve your work performance and yes, you’ll help improve how fast your brain processes information. 

But you do need to mix it up a bit, that is not spending the same amount of time on the same type of puzzles all of the time. This is not how you’ll exercise your brain, because it can get a bit lazy, for a proper workout, you need to do lots of different brain teasers and puzzles to get those brain cells working. 

Escape Newcastle - Put Your Mind to the Test

If you’re looking for something that will really test your brain power then make your way down to our escape rooms here in Newcastle, and you can spend 60 minutes trying to solve the puzzles and clues, oh but you have to find them first of course, and then solve them in under an hour in order to escape a locked room. Brave enough to try it? Why not get in touch today and book your escape room and give your brain a true test!