The Games at Escape Newcastle

Our escape games in Newcastle are pretty special and although I know you’re bound to suggest we’re bias, there’s a reason for that. We’ve worked hard to come up with new ways of making our escape rooms stand out and be the kind of unique games you really cannot resist. Read on to find out all about our escape rooms at Escape Newcastle and we know you’ll be ready to book your room by the end of this post!

Yes, the escape rooms are games where a group of people are locked in a room and have to find and then solve a number of clues in order to escape within 60 minutes. It seems like a tall order, but if you work well as a team, and of course, you pick a strong team, you will have a far better chance of getting out in time. What’s more we’ve come up with some amazing themes. Yes, and in case you were unaware, escape rooms are all themed. The themes are usually based on popular cultural phenomena, so read on to find our regular themed rooms, and some of the latest ones we’ve got coming up in September. 

First Contact

This is all the sci-fi you’ve been looking for. An alien has landed on our planet and it’s not a friendly contact. Capturing humans is its end goal so you need to escape its lair, its ‘containment chamber’ within the hour, if you want to survive.

Hunting Park

This is a mission for your team to investigate a pyramid. It’s deep underground, in the ice. The ground shakes and tremors however, and soon you’re in deep with no escape. Solve the clues to get out and make it quick because you may not be by yourself. 

Witchcraft and Wizardry

This is one of our favourites and it’s got you and your team trapped in a room without your wand. You’re trapped in a castle and you’ll have to think cleverly in order to escape in time. 

The cabin. Again, another of our favourites, you’ll find yourself trapped in a room in the dreaded cabin and who knows who’s in there with you. Solve the clues and puzzles or you and your mates might come to a grizzly end. 


Break some codes, find some carefully hidden clues and solve some seriously mind-bending puzzles and escape in an hour with the antidote. Can you do it?

Escape Newcastle - Exciting Escape Rooms

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post today on the games at Escape Newcastle, it’s simple to book a room and once you’ve got your room chosen and booked, you can plan your team’s approach, we really look forward to seeing you here!