Who Visits Escape Rooms in Newcastle

You’d be amazed who visits our escape rooms in Newcastle, it’s a diverse group, people who get so much out of our games and come back again and again. Today, that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about, who visits our escape rooms in Newcastle - and more importantly, why should you follow suit?

Corporate Team Building and Working Together

Firstly, you may be surprised to know that a lot of corporate teams visit us. There’s nothing better to help with team building, because our games are all about working together, communicating, working together as a team to find their way out of a room by finding, then solving some cryptic clues and puzzles. 

Winning, Communicating, Team Working and Collaboration

It’s not easy and not everyone gets it first time, but it’s so much fun and as we’ve already mentioned, there’s so much to win and not just the game itself. As well as the communication, team working we’ve talked about, as a team leader you get to see where your team’s strengths lie individually. Someone may be good at crunching numbers, another may be really good at solving puzzles, while another is good at delegating. This is a perfect opportunity to take a mental note of what you see your team doing and acting on it later back at the office.

Celebrate Those Milestones

Next up are those who are here to celebrate with friends. It could be for any reason, perhaps it’s a birthday, hen/stag do or a life changing event or milestone. This is a great novel way of celebrating and beats sitting in the pub - or you can go and do that later when you celebrate your win!


Our escape games are also popular as an ice breaker, possibly for students or new work colleagues. It’s a great way to get the shy and the introverted to speak, to communicate and engage with their new work/college friends. 

Escape Games Newcastle - Premier Escape Games

If you think you’d like to try our escape room games as part of a corporate team event or simply to celebrate an event, birthday, milestone or just to get away from the four walls of the office, then contact us and book your room today. We’re here to take your calls and answer your questions, and once you’ve tried it, we can guarantee you’ll definitely want to try it again! It can be very addictive as many of our visitors have found out! See you here.