Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular

If you’ve heard all your friends talking about escape rooms recently, you may be asking yourself what all the fuss is about. You may not even know what they are. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand exactly what they’re about. We know how much fun people get when they come here, we see it every day, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out, so take 5 minutes to sit with us and cover the basics of why our escape rooms are so popular.

Escape Rooms Give You The Opportunity To Leave Reality Behind For a Little While

Firstly, we’ll tackle the first question most people ask if they don’t know already, what is an escape room? Well, an escape room is a room with a theme, it could be anything from Contagion to a Casino, or maybe even a Wizard room. This room will have a series of hidden clues and puzzles which you and a group of friends have to find, then piece together and unravel before you leave the room. Oh, and you’re locked in the room until you unravel the clues.

Great For Corporate Team Building

What else can we tell you? Well, escape rooms are popular with corporate teams, that is businesses that wish to improve morale, build confidence and improve teamwork. It also helps team leaders to spot new skills and talents from their team as they work their way out of the room.

The Rooms Are Themed – and That’s a Large Part Of The Reason Why They’re So Much Fun

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s also the rooms themselves. These rooms are themed as we’ve already mentioned, but although many people pick escape games purely for the buzz of the game, and the fun in working out the puzzles in a limited time, the themes are extremely popular. The narrative is a big draw for people, and it’s easy to see why, because it adds so much more to the game and wherever you go, whether it’s here in the UK or abroad, there’ll be different themes, depending on what’s popular in that country.

Escape rooms are also popular with those who simply go for the fun of the game, rather than to build up morale as part of a team building exercise. It’s easy to see why, because it’s a really unique, fresh and unusual way of relaxing and getting rid of all of that work day angst. It’s an opportunity to have fun with friends, friends that perhaps you haven’t seen for a while, and time to be silly, funny and downright childish, just for one hour of your life.

Escape Newcastle – For The Best In Escape Games

If you don’t get it right first time, you can always come again, as often as you wish. So, if you are now interested in finding out why escape games are so popular for yourself, in real life, then why not come down and visit us here at Escape Newcastle, you’ll always have a warm welcome.