Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

Escape rooms are becoming more popular by the day and we see enough customers coming in through our door to know this to be the case. Why are they so popular, well that’s what we’re going to be discussing today and we hope you enjoy the post. Hopefully, it’ll convince you of how great they are and encourage you to come down here and try it out for yourselves. 

We see a variety people here at Escape Newcastle

We see a lot of people come through our doors, from corporate teams to families and students. They all have their reasons for coming in and mostly it’s to have a great time in the most original and unique way possible. It’s to escape, just for an hour, the drudgery of daily life, to forget their problems and to emerge feeling refreshed and lighter for having taken part. 

Corporate teams love escape rooms

We know that corporate teams love it because they not only get to spend an hour identifying skills in their most valued team members, but they also get to spot weaknesses and strengths, so they can focus on improving them once they’re back at base. It’s also a great opportunity for those that take part to break the ice with new employees and to unwind and get away from the busy office. 

Celebrate those all-important events in your life.

They’re popular as a way of celebrating birthdays and other milestone events, such as hen/stag dos, anniversaries, passing exams and coming of age. Students love them because it’s a perfect opportunity to let their hair down and forget about their studies. 

Escape Newcastle – Premier Escape Rooms

Will it be popular with you? We certainly hope so, we’re hoping to see you here to try our escape rooms very soon, where you can find out whether you have what it takes to escape within the hour. Book your team in today.