Team Building Activities with Escape Newcastle

What do you get from visiting an escape room, apart from fun? Well, escape rooms are renowned for their ability to facilitate and encourage team building. That’s why they are so popular with businesses helping new team members, new to the company, to fit in, and helping existing team members to bond. So, if you’re thinking of things to do in Newcastle that involves fun, problem-solving team building exercises, and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to days away from the office, we’ve got it all going on for you.

So, how does Escape help with team building?

Well firstly you’re not going to be able to escape a room in 60 minutes without great communication. You need to share information and you need to talk to each other, so if you’ve been a bit backwards in coming forwards when it comes to speaking to your new colleagues, you’ll get a chance to rectify it now. There’s so much going on around you that unless you communicate with each other it’s going to remain a mystery.

Each player will have skills to bring to the group, some that others may be unaware of. What this does is inform your fellow colleagues where your strengths lie, so when you’re back at work and you need to start on that new project, those strengths will be utilised to best effect. They’ll be able to develop your skills so you can add something really valuable to the team. So, when you’re in that escape room, work it and get those brain cells working.

Can you problem solve?

You’ll soon find out in the locked room, because in here you don’t get out without solving puzzles and work out cryptic messages. They’ll be in direct relation to the theme of the room you’ve chosen, so it’ll be fun as well as hard work, but you’ll need to multi-task, work as a team and unravel the puzzle to escape.

So, you’re new to the team and perhaps you’ve been a little shy of late in getting to know your fellow colleagues. With team building there’s pressure to get out and in order to solve the puzzles you’ll need to work together and develop relationships with your fellow prisoners. No matter how poor the relationship has been in the past, now is the time to get past any barriers and contribute to escaping the room. This will encourage you all to work together and in turn help you to bond.

Escape Newcastle Team Building Activities

If you’re in the Newcastle area, then come to our escape rooms. Our specially themed rooms are uniquely named to facilitate as much fun and excitement as possible, so all our visitors have the best experience. We love what we do and we want you to love it to, and if you’re looking to create a positive environment for a team building event, then Escape Newcastle is the place to be.