Great Team Building Activities

We’re talking about the best team building activities for you and your work colleagues. We’ve chosen 5 so you have plenty of choice, and then all you have to do is decide which one is right for your team and book. Team building is a great way for your team to get to know each other, especially if they’re going to be working on a project long-term. It’s also great for the boss/team leader, so you can see your team’s potential strengths and weaknesses, it’s also good for ice breaking and bonding and getting them away from the office desk.

Human Knot Game

Firstly, we’ll start with a game of Human Knot. No, it’s not a game of Twister. What this is, is a game for around 10 to 20 people and takes around 15 to 20 minutes. Everyone must stand facing each other in a circle, they then have to put their hand out, the right one, and grab another hand randomly from someone else in the circle. Then do the same with the left, they will then need to detangle themselves from each other but without releasing any hands. You can have smaller groups too if you have quite a few people that’s difficult to manage in just one circle. This is a game that will act as a great ice breaker, help with communication and build teamwork.

Knockout Game

Teams play against each other by taking part in some games which are lively, colourful and fun. It’s a great way for the members of your team to bond with each other. It’s a good idea if you make sure people bring a second set of clothes and some waterproof clobber, because there’s a good chance they’ll get wet! This is going to be at a dedicated venue that’s already kitted out with the knockout games so it’s worth finding one near you.


Fancy a scavenger hunt? What happens is this, your team members have to carry out a range of tasks to win a prize, they may include taking pictures with people along the way, or buildings they see outside, they’ll have a deadline to complete all these tasks and whoever completes them the fastest wins. You could go to a dedicated venue who pecialise in Scavenger Hunts or you could create one of your own. It could be directly linked to their next project which would tie in nicely with what you have planned for them. It’s a great way of getting your team to bond and giving them information on the job, and of course, it’s fun!

Boot Camp

This has a military edge to it and it’s a boot camp with ex-military who’ll put your team through their paces. They’ll learn escape and evade tactics, combat techniques and problem solving. It’ll be a great way for them to bond and for you to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Escape Newcastle

Finally, our escape rooms Newcastle. How about a locked room with 60 minutes to get out? The rooms will each have a theme and it’s up to you which one you prefer. There’ll be clues, puzzles and maps for your teams to solve before they can unlock the room. Again, it’s a great way to bond, identify strengths and weaknesses and improve communication, problem solving and collaboration skills. We’d love you to try us out so why not come down and book your place?