Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

Escape rooms are becoming more popular by the day and we see enough customers coming in through our door to know this to be the case. Why are they so popular, well that’s what we’re going to be discussing today and we hope you enjoy the post. Hopefully, it’ll convince you of how great they are and encourage you to come down here and try it out for yourselves. 

We see a variety people here at Escape Newcastle

We see a lot of people come through our doors, from corporate teams to families and students. They all have their reasons for coming in and mostly it’s to have a great time in the most original and unique way possible. It’s to escape, just for an hour, the drudgery of daily life, to forget their problems and to emerge feeling refreshed and lighter for having taken part. 

Corporate teams love escape rooms

We know that corporate teams love it because they not only get to spend an hour identifying skills in their most valued team members, but they also get to spot weaknesses and strengths, so they can focus on improving them once they’re back at base. It’s also a great opportunity for those that take part to break the ice with new employees and to unwind and get away from the busy office. 

Celebrate those all-important events in your life.

They’re popular as a way of celebrating birthdays and other milestone events, such as hen/stag dos, anniversaries, passing exams and coming of age. Students love them because it’s a perfect opportunity to let their hair down and forget about their studies. 

Escape Newcastle – Premier Escape Rooms

Will it be popular with you? We certainly hope so, we’re hoping to see you here to try our escape rooms very soon, where you can find out whether you have what it takes to escape within the hour. Book your team in today.

Escape Newcastle - How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

If you’ve booked your room with us here at Escape Newcastle, then you’ll have checked out our website and possibly tried to bone up on the Escape Game phenomena. You might also be wondering as to how you can be successful while you’re with us. Well, don’t worry, we’ve come up with some handy pointers that will hopefully help you in the escape room challenge. 

Make sure you pick a strong team.

Firstly, be choosy about who you decide goes with you. Choose a team that is strong on certain skills. You’ll need people who are attentive, with good maths skills, strong on logical thinking and problem solving, and good communication skills are a must as the team must act together as a team and communicate with each other constantly. So, team working is also something else your friends will need to be good at. 

Be all about the searching.

Yes, be good at searching high and low. You’ll need to be good at having your eyes peeled and being prepared to look just about everywhere for the clues. Once you’ve found them, make sure you place them in one central place, so you can work on them later once they’ve all been collected. Don’t leave them in different places and forget about them, that could lead to you losing them and cost you dearly in terms of winning. 

Don’t stick with one clue move on if you’re stuck and come back later.

If you get stuck on one clue, move on. Don’t dwell on it and spend more time than is needed. Come back to it later, you may find that after you’ve left it and focused on other clues, you have a fresh pair of eyes and you may find you’re able to crack it. 

Don’t let anyone try to dominate, this is a team game.

Whatever you do, don’t bring the one with control issues. If you do and they suddenly start trying to dominate the game, you may find that you get nowhere. This isn’t a game where only one person contributes, this is a game for everyone, where everyone can have their say. So, keep the controlling people away from the game. 

Escape Games Newcastle – for the best hour of your life.

So, now you have a fighting chance of how to succeed in the escape room are you going to come on down and try your luck? We can’t wait to see you and the rest of your friends and family, so book your room. You can do this either on the phone or online, let the game begin.