Things To Do In Newcastle on a Hen Do

Today were' talking about things to do in Newcastle if you're on a hen do. It's not always easy to organise a hen do that provides plenty of laughs, matched by original and unique things to do while you're there. If you're in charge of arranging a hen do, then this is the place for you.

Wine Tasting

How about a wine tasting session? The Newcastle Wine School runs wine courses for those who enjoy wine and it's one fun way of enjoying a tipple, and an opportunity to appreciate a good glass of wine. You don't have to have any experience of wine tasting so don't worry if you or your party are novices. There are gift vouchers available so you can book a party and get some discount. The school also offers 4 to 8 week courses if you want to continue your wine tasting journey after the hen do is over.

Newcastle Racecourse

If you love racing then you'll love Newcastle Racecourse with fine food and wine, where you can enjoy the racing and fine dining at the same time. Its great for hen dos and you can book a reserved table for the duration of your time there as part of hospitality, so you can all stay as one group. There's also the choice of marquees and private boxes, matched by great food and drink.

Theatre Royal

If you like to be entertained, then the Theatre Royal in Newcastle is your venue with plenty of entertainment guaranteed from musicals to plays, if this is how you'd like to spend your hen night then go ahead and book yourself an evening of theatre.

Boulevard Cabaret

An evening's entertainment with dancing, great choreography and fantastic costumes matched by great comedy and a cast of brilliant performers. This is a cabaret you won't forget in a hurry, so if that's how you'd like to celebrate your hen do then go for it.

Hoochie Coochie

A bar that plays funk, soul and jazz music with live artists in a small and atmospheric venue. Hoochie Choochie also provide music on a fantastic sound system with a wide variety of drinks served at the bar. So choose a night when there's a live list, or just come to listen to the sound system where only the best music is played. A great bar with great music and a great choice of cocktails, beers and spirits.

The Stand Comedy Club

The home of stand up comedy where a wide variety of some of the best comedy acts in the country perform nightly. If you think this is the way you want to celebrate, and comedy is just the thing for your hen do, then make your way to 31 High Bridge Street.

Floritas Bar

If you want your hen do done properly then perhaps you should use the Hen and Stag Parties which will make sure the occasion goes with a bang, and just as importantly go exactly to plan. It caters for groups of 10 or anything up to 500 people and over. With an experienced team behind them, they can help provide seating areas, tailor functions and help with VIP lounges. There are cocktail and premium master classes, and all at reasonable prices, so if you're looking to create a professional arranged hen do, then Floritas Bar is the venue for you.

We do hope you've found our things to do in Newcastle if you're on a Hen Do useful and interesting, and we really hope you not only enjoy your time in Newcastle. Enjoy your hen do, if you're in Newcastle you mostly certainly will.