Things to Do in Newcastle With Your Family

You may have just arrived here and you're looking for things to do in Newcastle with your family. We've done all the hard work for you and compiled a list that will hopefully, give you plenty to do during your time in this wonderful city.

BBC Newcastle Tour

A tour of the BBC in Newcastle should provide plenty to talk about, you'll be able to ask questions and take a good look around. You can see how TV shows are made and you can find out about all the latest dramas. There are also interactive activities you can take part in if you wish.

Battlezone Laser

Battlezone Laser is for all the family where you get to battle it out on your birthday or just for the sheer hell of it. There are plenty of both instruction and supervision, so you'll be in good hands. A laser gunfight might be just what you've been looking for so you can all let off some steam! You'll find Battlezone Laser at K83 Third Avenue at Team Valley.

Bill Quay Farm

A family run farm with plenty to keep the children occupied with learning activities that teach them about food and healthy living. The Bill Quay Farm is non-profit and is a registered charity. There are several rare groups of animals such Tamworth pigs and some quite rare goats and sheep. There also a smaller area for chinchillas, Chinese hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits and so much more. You'll also have the opportunity to buy some meat products that have been made at the farm.

Parklands Mini Golf

If you and your family love golf then this is perfect for you, there's an 18 hole golf course and some mini golf for the younger ones. You'll also find there's lessons for all ability and all ages, so if you and your family want to learn golf, then you can! You'll find Parklands at High Gosforth Park.

Dynamix Skate Park

If you love skating then the Indoor Dynamix Skate Park, Circus Skills training and Performing Arts Centre, is perfect for you and your family. There are timetabled sessions and there's plenty of supervision for those that need it. If you are going to come down, then make sure you book a session beforehand, you can check them out on their website. If you're not having lessons, then of course, you don't have to book. There's so much to see and do here and so much to learn, so bring along your family. You'll find the park at Albany Road Junction.

F1 Karting

Go karting spectacular with fun for all the family. There are party and group events or you can just turn up on your own or with your family. You'll find F1 Karting at Forge Road, Dunston.

Newcastle Climbing Centre

If you enjoy climbing then you'll love Newcastle Climbing Centre a great indoor climbing venue that is one of the best in the UK. This will offer you great experience for when you try it outdoors and it can really build confidence. As it takes mental and physical agility, and it'll build confidence even if you're not interested in climbing.

The indoor climbing centre is in a listed building, a former church, and has over 1200m of walls for bouldering and rope climbing. Whatever your experience you can take part and have expert tuition, there are also some introductory and taster sessions to give you an idea of what it's like. There's a shop to buy your gear and a viewing area with changing rooms, so you've got everything you need. You'll find Newcastle Climbing Centre at St Marks Church House, 285 Shields Road.

Segedunum Roman Fort

If you like history and archaeology, then why not take a trip to Segedunum Roman Fort? Why not see the remains of Hadrian's wall at Segedunum, and find out how the landscape has changed over the years. There's a place where you can eat and drink in the fort cafe and it's a really great day out for the whole family.

We hope you found our guide on things to do in Newcastle of use, Newcastle is a wonderful city and it's well worth a visit, while you're here you now know there's plenty to do for both you and your family. We hope you enjoy your time at Newcastle.