Things To Do In Newcastle With Kids

Taking your kids somewhere new can be a challenge, and keeping them occupied even harder! If you’re in Newcastle for the first time, on holiday, visiting relatives or on business and you’ve brought you’re family, then you’ll be looking for things to keep your children occupied. You’ll need to find things to do in Newcastle with kids, so let us help you.

We’ve provided a really comprehensive list of interesting things to do that won’t just keep your children occupied, but will make you want to join in too! Read on to find some great venues that promise family fun for all.

The Discovery Museum

This great museum is to be found at Blandford House which was once a Co-operative Wholesale Society. It opened in the 19th century and was an important building in Newcastle city centre. It became a museum in the late 70s and launched as the Discovery Museum in the early 90s.

The Discovery Museum itself has had different venues prior to its present location. There’s plenty here to occupy the young ones with plenty of scientific and technological innovations to fascinate the mind. You’ll find a gift shop here to as well as a café, so you can sit and discuss your adventures once you’ve finished making your discoveries!

Life Science Centre

A self-sustaining science village is what you’ll find here based in the heart of the city. You’ll find the Life Science Centre with exhibitions, special events and some great science workshop programmes. The University also has a place here and there’s plenty to keep young minds busy while they explore science at this most fascinating of scientific venues.

Stephenson Railway Museum

A railway museum celebrating the achievements of the railways and locomotives. There’s some great locomotives here including one which is the forerunner of the Rocket. There’s exhibitions where the children can interact and learn about the impact of railway power on the people who lived through its beginnings. If your kids love trains then they’ll love the Stephenson Railway Museum.

Newcastle Castle

This famous castle has recently reopened after a period of restoration, which is great news for those that love to explore castles. There’s a great history here like most castles and it is enough to capture the fervent imaginations of young minds. It offers a great insight into Newcastle’s history with grisly stories and an in-depth history. There’s some ghost hunting exhibitions too, and all in all this promises to be great family fun.

The Great North Museum

Built in the latter half of the 19th century as the natural history society for growing collections, this is now a place of great beauty. It tells the story of wildlife and its habitats from the beginning, in the most absorbing and fascinating way. There’s a great wealth of artefacts and detailed history of the milecastles and forts. The kids will have plenty to keep them occupied here at the Great North Museum as well as the adults.

Tyneside Cinema

Plenty of cinema venues to keep you and your family occupied. Films, popcorn and ice cream watching the latest films, and the very best that cinema has to offer.

No Limits Paintball & Laser

We’re talking paintball, airsoft, laser in this atmospheric indoor mansion facility, which is only minutes away from the city centre. Two giant arenas help you to lose yourself in the experience and is ideal for parties and large groups. There’s also a café, train station, town hall and petrol station, which brings the entire place to life and allows you to forget yourself as you enter the labyrinth.

Seven Stories

Seven Stories is a venue for those who love to read. This is the National Centre for Children’s Books. There’s exhibitions and events that are well thought out and capture the imaginations of children and adults alike. It’s a great day out - and not just for the children, you’ll probably enjoy it with them.

So that’s Escape Newcastle's list of things to do in Newcastle for you and the children during your stay, there’s plenty to do and you’re bound to find a few things on this list to keep you all occupied throughout your time here.