Things To Do In Newcastle For Sightseers

If you’re not familiar with Newcastle and you’re looking for prime locations to visit during your time here, then we’ve cobbled together a really extensive list of 10 places where you can do some sightseeing.

So read for some things to do in Newcastle while sightseeing so you have a great time.

The Victoria Tunnel

Welcome to The Victoria Tunnel with a commitment to the city’s heritage. There’s a great archive here featuring photographs and a recorded oral history too with projects you can explore. The history of 2 centuries of change are recorded here from the agricultural era to the industrial one that followed. You can also go on walks and listen to fascinating talks on the tunnel so take your family for a fascinating insight into Newcastle’s history.

Newcastle Castle

A beautiful castle with a beautiful history that goes back 2000 years. This is a castle that will both fascinate and inspire you in equal measures. It’ll be a visit you won’t forget.

St Nicholas Cathedral

A cathedral that supports the Bishops mission to teach and minister a cross a diocese that goes from the Tyne to the Tweed. This is a beautiful building with a 900 year old history. You can attend services as well as admire the architecture where you can find peace and serenity away from the city streets.

Tyne Bridge

One of the most beautiful bridges out of the 7 rivers on the River Tyne. Built by the same team that went on to build Sydney Harbour Bridge in the early 30s. The Tyne Bridge was opened back in 1928 by King George V and is built from Cornish granite and was original designed to be used as warehouses with 5 storeys. It’s also famous for the Great North Run, its well worth a visit and an exploration.

The Angel of the North

The Angel of the North was built in 1998 and designed by Antony Gormley. It is a spectacular piece of public art and well worth closer inspection. It is 20 metres high and is red/brown in colour that can withstand a breath-taking 100 miles per hour winds. There’s a great back story to this beautiful angel and you’ll remember it long after you’ve left.

Grainger Town

Here you’ll find Grainger market, Grainger Street and Clayton Street and the theatre royal within a town that was named after Richard Grainger. Almost all the buildings here are of great historical importance erected in the 19th century. There’s also a great variety of bars, restaurants and cafes. You can shop, eat and relax in this most historic of towns.

St James' Park

Come on a stadium tour of St James’ Park in Newcastle and see why Newcastle is so passionate about its football. Home to the Toon Army this amazing football ground holds 52,000 people and it is easily one of the largest football stadiums in England. You can tour the ground with a guide and really get to grips with its history and architecture, and try it on for size.

Newcastle & Northumbria Tours

This tour of the city is a great way of getting to see what Newcastle has to offer and gives you an opportunity to explore the city safely and conveniently. You can see the Newcastle Keep, Quayside, as well as Hadrian’s Wall and Durham Cathedral. On a carefully planned tour you don’t miss a thing.

So there you have it, 10 great ways of seeing the beautiful city of Newcastle, so you can admire its history, enjoy its present and get involved in its future. Newcastle is a great city and you can explore it in a multitude of different ways – enjoy!