Team Building Activities With Escape Newcastle

Imagine it, your boss has told you you’re going to do team building activities, and you feel your heart sink. You have a fair idea of what it’s going to be, another paint balling session, or even worse, everyone sitting around a table, playing so-called team building activities with sticky notes, which are anything but the joyous occasion your manager thinks it will be.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Really, team building activities in Newcastle can be something to look forward to. And it isn’t just for the office, you can be a group of students or friends, or even a couple of families that need to wind down and have fun together in order to iron out a few differences.

Why does our way work so well?

We take team building to another level, and this really tests your abilities, how you work together, how you communicate, how you interact. It’s team building with a real mission, a mission with an edge and a sense of urgency.

Do you have staff members with limited communication skills, or perhaps they are poor at explaining things to other staff members? Then you may find that our team building activities are just the ticket to help improve their ability to communicate and work effectively as a team. Escape is reliant on communication, explanation and illumination, so your staff are going to benefit in all aspects of working as a team and communication.

A fantastic new team building exercise

Middle managers and CEO’s have the best of intentions when they send their staff on team building days out. It’s mean to be fun, and an excuse to get out of the stifling office and unwind. However a lot of them, sadly, turn out to be a day at an office-for-hire building with post it notes and an exasperated overly jolly team building coach, who’ll be pointing a pen at you while gesticulating wildly in front of a flow chart.

That’s not what you need and it’s certainly not going to motivate your staff.

What can team building do for you?

If done well, team building can really work for you and your team by improving productivity – once they know how to work better as a team they can work better back at base – and your productivity goes up. Motivation is increased with more confidence and if you’ve invested in team building of this calibre for your team, then naturally they’ll start to believe they’re worth it. They’ll start to feel they count, and that they’re being recognised for their hard work.

Escape – Put an end to workplace blues!

Take a quick look at our games and ask yourself – can you really afford to let your team miss out on this? And this isn’t just for your team, you reap the awards too.

So if you want to take part and you feel it’s something both you and your team could benefit from – then get in touch.

Forget the Crystal Maze, Escape is where it’s at and if you have the team for it, get in touch today!