Things To Do In Newcastle At Night

While you’re shopping during the day and then trying to unwind at night, it can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle finding the perfect venue for an evening’s entertainment. We believe we’ve done the hardest part for you, by providing, what we think, are the top venues and things to do in Newcastle to keep you entertained, with laughter, music and dance.

Read on to find how can spend your evenings in Newcastle.

Boulevard Show Bar

This is real treat for those who enjoy a little cabaret – we’re talking dancing, amazing costumes and comedy for an evening’s worth of entertainment that everyone will enjoy. 

There’s a cast of Broadway Dancers with plenty of new shows and acts coming up regularly, so what’s offered is always fresh.

You’ll find the Boulevard at 3 – 9 Churchill Street.

Spot White Pool Hall and Snooker Club

This is a pool venue with plenty of tables, so you can play at any time – it provides a fun and more low-key alternative to clubs and dancing, and you can have a game any time for a nice quiet game of pool.

You don’t have to be a professional, you can be a novice with little or no experience. You can find this great snooker venue at 14-18 Stowell Street.

The Stand Comedy Club

The Stand Comedy Club is situated at 5 York Place in Newcastle and has a great selection of comedy acts where some of the best comedians have started out. There is a membership scheme so you get to see the best acts at fair prices. Some of the most famous comedy acts come here and members get to see them before anyone else does. Reduced ticket prices and a chance to see the UK’s most popular comedians is one of the many benefits of membership.

Crown Posada

A pub, but not just any pub, this is one of the oldest in Newcastle. It’s a listed grade two building dating back to the Victorian era with a beautiful entrance and stained glass windows in which to sit and drink up the atmosphere as well as treat yourself to some excellent beer. The Crown has won awards as the perfect pub, so they know what they’re doing. There’s a variety of ales to try and there’s a perfect ambience from which to sit back and enjoy the camaraderie. The Crown Posada is at 31 The Side.

Hoochie Coochie

A bar that comes with entertainment as well as drinks. Here, you’ll find jazz, soul, funk and disco, you’ll find it on Pilgrim Street and open until late from Thursday to Sunday. There’s live artists and DJs and everything you need for a great night out. There’s a great choice of beers and speciality spirits as well as cocktails at the bar, the interior is modern and you’ll find this a great place to relax and unwind.

The Gate

Here’s a place that was opened back at the beginning of the noughties that provides Newcastle with restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars and a glamorous casino called Aspers, membership is free and the Empire Cinema provides 16 screens so there’s never a limit on how many films you can go and see. There’s excellent parking facilities with 24 hour parking. This is the place to go for a versatile range of entertainment facilities.

The Cluny

The Cluny is on 36 Lime Street and provides a large and interesting range of musical entertainment as one of the prime music venues in Newcastle. Here, there’s an impressive selection of live music acts to suit everybody’s tastes.

The Suggestibles

This is a team that provides improvised comedy sketches and musicals which respond to suggestions from the audience to create scenes, stories and sketches that are both entertaining and fun. You might even be entertained with music taken from a particular theme or incident from your own life.

You’ll find them in different venues and for 2015, you’ll see them on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Stand and the 1st Saturday at The Cumberland.

We hope we’ve provided enough of a taster of what Newcastle has to offer, you won’t’ be disappointed, this a city alive with the best entertainment the UK has to offer.