Team Building with Escape Newcastle

Is morale within your company at low ebb? Do you feel that your managers and workers aren’t working together as a team? If the answer is ‘yes’ then it’s time you looked at the opportunities for team building activities on offer at Escape Newcastle.

Traditional Team Building

Most people will be aware of the military like exercises that get company members to run, jump and carry out some orienteering as a team, and are supposed to bring individuals together through these types of team building activities. The problem is that these challenges aren’t so wonderful for those who hate being outside in the wind and rain, and they don’t necessarily act to unite a disparate group of people.

In some extreme instances, they provoke discord rather than unity. The object of team building activities is to allow individuals to perform to their strengths and learn how to work within a single unit.

It’s Time to Use the Mind

Whether you've watched the Crystal Maze on TV or you’re a gaming aficionado you’ll understand that an exercise that offers the opportunity for lateral thinking, problem solving and ingenuity might be far more beneficial to your company than running up and down a mountain in a storm. The team building activities on offer at Escape Newcastle stress the power of communication, company members will have to talk and work together in order to source clues and solve the puzzles.

The Classic Escape Team Building Game

To all intents and purposes the setting for the Escape game looks like a conventional sitting room, it’s anything but. Clues will be hidden in the most unlikely of places. You’ll be locked in the room for an hour, and it’s only by using the skills of resourcefulness, lateral thinking and initiative will you be able to secure your freedom.

Any managers who are looking to learn more about their co-workers will be able to observe their colleagues’ intellectual attributes in this setting, and the game gives everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions and show off their problem solving skills.

All of these activities are far better suited to the needs of the 21st century business world than taking part in a quasi-military assault endeavour. Limbs won’t be broken; you’ll be inside in the warm.

Small Groups For Team Building Activities

We have three escape rooms on offer for team building in Newcastle. You’ll be divided into small teams of between 2-5 people. This exercise will give all company members a chance to bond with each other, and to laugh. Once your group has learned how to relax and problem solve together, they will carry these attributes back to the office and will return with their thought processes rejuvenated, and with an invigorated morale.

Tailor made corporate experiences

If you’re interested in taking part in these type of productive team building activities, then get in contact. We can structure your experience to your needs in order to make sure that all members of your group really enjoy the experience. Parties that comprise more than 10 people should always contact us in advance.