Things To Do In Newcastle if You Enjoy Theatre

Looking for things to do  in Newcastle during your stay? You may find that you simply don’t have time to go looking for suitable venues while you are here. You may be looking for things to do that are in line with your interests and hobbies. If you enjoy theatre and the arts, then you may find our comprehensive guide on things to do in Newcastle really useful.

Theatre Royal

There’s a really great variety of shows on here from West End musicals, comedy and all kinds of dance. There’s also opera and family friendly shows, so there’s something for everyone here. This is an old theatre with a rich history, it goes back to the early half of the nineteenth century and is now a grade 1 listed building. Over 400,000 people visit Theatre Royal in Newcastle each year so if you’re looking for inspirational theatre and music then this theatre should be right up your street.

You’ll find the Theatre Royal on 100 Grey Street, Newcastle.

Live Theatre

Live Theatre in Newcastle offers a diverse and varied programme with new plays and new creative talent. If you’re looking for something with great new writing and amazing performances then Newcastle’s Live Theatre is for you. You’ll find it on Broad Chare, Quayside.

Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Another great theatre with live performances from music to drama and well known characters from TV. There’s something for everyone here in this grand theatre first built in the nineteenth century. You’ll find the Tyne Theatre & Opera house on 117 Westgate Road, Newcastle.

Alphabetti Theatre

Here you’ll find new and original work from new upcoming artists with a diverse range of poetry, comedy theatre and music. You’ll find a wide range of performances that stretch and inspire your imagination. You’ll find the Alphabetti Theatre at The Basement at 16 New Bridge Street West.

Northern Stage

Another amazing theatre that houses all kinds of new and ambitious plays and family shows that you can see all year round. You’ll find it at Barras Bridge, in Newcastle.

Newcastle Arts Centre

You’ll find everything here from music, art, crafts and workshops. There’s something for everyone! Whatever you like, you’re bound to find it here at the Newcastle Arts Centre. It’s not far from the Railway Station and Metro and houses its own craft shop, gallery and Jazz Café, amongst many other things. It was founded back in 1981 and combined several unused and abandoned buildings to create a real powerhouse of arts and music. It has nearly 90, 000 visitors a year and it really is worth a visit.

So there you have it, some of the most famous and impressive theatres and art venues. Hopefully, you’ll find that one, or many more of them will be just what you’re looking for. We hope you enjoy your stay in Newcastle and find plenty of things to do to keep you busy during your time here.